100+ Marketing Ideas for the Month of March

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Are you ready to bloom your business this March? 🌸

Because we’ve got a treasure trove of content marketing ideas for you tailored specifically for the start of the spring season, perfect if you need a bit of inspiration for boosting audience awareness, engagement, and sales. ✨

Using seasonal celebrations, trends, and occasions is a great way to connect with your audience and spring is the perfect time to focus on themes relating to renewal and growth. 

With the right strategies, you can make this month a marketing powerhouse. So let’s dive into 100+ marketing ideas for you to help you plan your content for the month of March! 

March Social Media Post Ideas

We’ve divided the content ideas for your social media posts into seven strategic categories that every small business owner needs to be sharing to ensure the right mix of content to engage, inspire, educate, and convert your audience.

Be sure to download our FREE content marketing calendar so you can save the ideas (according to each category) that resonate with you the most and then plan out your social media schedule for March with the calendar template. 

INSPIRE: March Inspirational Social Media Ideas

Motivate your audience with uplifting quotes that resonate with the season’s themes using the prompts below.

Inspire Content Prompts for March:

#1. Recollect a memory of springtime joy and how it inspires you

#2. Share how you are preparing for new beginnings and growth in your business this spring

#3. Discuss the ways you’re “blooming” in your life or business despite obstacles/setbacks

#4. Showcase a photo of springtime nature that inspires you

#5. Share a personal motto that’s helping you move closer to your goals in March

March Inspirational Quotes

#6. “March winds and April showers bring May flowers.” – English Proverb

#7. “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party” – Robin Williams 

#8. “Bloom where you are planted.” – Alexander Pope

#9. “There are always flowers for those who know how to see them.” – Henri Matisse

#10. “Spring is the time of plans and projects.” – Leo Tolstoy

Inspire Caption Template for March: 

Spring is in the air! Feeling that fresh energy and the urge to make things happen? ☀️
This season is all about growth and new beginnings, just like nature blooming right before our eyes. ✨
What “seeds” are you planting this spring? Is it learning something new, finally tackling that project, or just adding more good vibes to your life?
Let’s all bloom together this season! 🌸 🌼 🌺 🌻 🌷

marchmotivation #newbeginnings #springvibes #growthmindset #bloomwhereyouareplanted #inspiration #positivevibes #selfimprovement #mindsetmatters #letsbloom

ASK: March Engagement Social Media Ideas

Use questions like the ones below to encourage your audience to engage, share their experiences, and connect with your brand this March. 

Ask Content Prompts for March:

#11. What area of your life or business are you looking to “spring clean” this March?
#12. It’s International Women’s History Month! Who is the woman that most inspires you?
#13. March is National Craft Month. Do you have any crafty hobbies you’re passionate about?
#14. What springtime tradition brings you the most joy?
#15. As we head deeper into the year, are you on track with your personal or professional goals? 

Ask Caption Template for March: 

Spring cleaning isn’t just for your home anymore!  March is the perfect time to “spring clean” any area of your life.

What’s on your list this year? Maybe you’re looking to:

🌼 Declutter your routines and make space for new habits
🌼 Revamp your workspace for a productivity boost
🌼 Refresh your goals and set intentions for the coming months
🌼 Detox your digital life and reclaim your focus

Let’s inspire each other to bloom this March. Share your “spring cleaning” plans in the comments below!

#springclean #newbeginnings #growthmindset #marchmotivation #letsbloom #inspiration #personalgrowth #goals #productivity

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CONNECT: March Relatable Social Media Ideas

March offers a perfect opportunity to deepen your connection with your audience by sharing personal stories that resonate with the season’s themes. 

Connect Content Prompts for March

#16: Share the story of a new product, service, or initiative your team is launching this spring.
#17: Describe how you’re revamping your approach to work this March.
#18: Highlight your growth journey – sharing milestones and challenges overcome
#19: Feature a female team member’s inspiring journey for International Women’s History Month.
#20: Post a photo of you or your team participating in a springtime activity or event.

Connect Caption Template for March: 

This week, I’m reflecting on my growth journey. It’s been full of wins and challenges, and I’m feeling grateful for both. 🙏 ✨

A big win for me was [mention specific milestone]. It wasn’t easy, though. I had to [mention challenges overcome] to get there, which taught me [mention lessons learned].

Growth is an on-going process, and it’s so important to embrace the challenges along the way. These challenges help us grow, adapt, and get stronger. 💪

What about you? What milestones and challenges have shaped your growth? Share your story in the comments below! 

#growthmindset #reflection #neverstoplearning #letsgrow

EDUCATE: March Authority-Building Social Media Ideas

March is a great time to educate your audience and establish yourself as a thought leader. Use the prompts below to share valuable content that resonates with the season’s themes and your brand expertise.

Educate Prompts for March

#21: Offer practical tips on organizing, decluttering, and revitalizing specific areas of life or business, like finances, marketing strategies, or workspaces.
#22: Share insights and actionable tips on planting “seeds for success” in your field, whether it’s marketing trends, personal development advice, or industry news relevant to your audience.
#23: Share the personal/professional benefits you’ve experienced by practicing gratitude.
#24: Discuss the importance of resilience in overcoming challenges and achieving goals.
#25: For International Women’s History Month, share historical contributions of women in your industry or field or the achievements of female leaders within your community.

Educate Caption Template for March: 

Make your goals blossom this March! 🌸🌱

This month, we’re all about planting the seeds for achieving your goals in [your niche area]. Whether you’re aiming to [desired outcome] or [another desired outcome], these actionable tips can help you cultivate success:

🚀Level Up Your Skills: Invest 15-30 minutes daily in learning a new [relevant skill] or expanding your knowledge in [specific area within your niche]. Read an industry article, watch a tutorial, or work through an online course like [mention your course or one you recommend]. 

🤝Connect & Grow: Join an online community or attend a relevant event focused on [niche area]. Connect with others who share your goals to [benefit of connection, e.g., share experiences, learn from each other, stay motivated].

🎉Celebrate Wins (Big & Small!): Acknowledge your progress, even the small victories. This keeps you energized and builds confidence on your journey towards achieving [desired outcome]. 

Remember, consistency is key! By diligently tending to these seeds throughout March, you’ll be well on your way to achieving your goals.

Is there an area where you’re feeling stuck or facing a specific obstacle in your [niche area] journey? Leave a comment below, and we’ll be happy to help! 💬🌟

#MarchGoals #GoalSetting #ConsistencyIsKey #GrowthMindset #AchieveYourDreams

CONVERT: March Leads & Sales Generation Social Media Ideas

Fuel your sales and conversions this March by inspiring your audience to take the next step on their journey to becoming your customer. 

Convert Prompts for March

#26: Provide a free consultation related to a “spring cleaning” aspect of their business, like website optimization, marketing strategy refresh, or financial planning review.
#27: Offer early access to a new product, service, or workshop related to growth and development.
#28: Provide a discount on a product or service that helps customers achieve their goals or improve their lives
#29: Showcase a successful client story demonstrating how your product or service helped them thrive.
#30:  Provide a valuable resource like a checklist, guide, or template related to optimizing or organizing a specific area of their lives or business. 

Convert Caption Template for March

March is blooming with success stories, and [client name]’s is one we’re proud to share. ✨

[Client name] was struggling to [desired outcome – e.g. land high-paying clients] because of [describe the challenge or problem the client faced – e.g. limited online presence and difficulty showcasing her work effectively].

That’s where [your product/service name – e.g. our social media management services] came in! By [describe how your product/service helped the client – e.g. helping her develop a captivating social media strategy and manage her online presence], we helped [client name]  [describe specific result – e.g. reach thousands of new potential customers and increase her online orders by 30%].

“[Quote from the client expressing their satisfaction and the positive impact your product/service had on them],” – [client name].

[Client name]’s success proves how [mention the key benefit or value proposition of your product/service – e.g. the right social media strategy] can help you reach your goals faster.

Ready to cultivate your own success story? DM me to learn how [your/your company name] can help you bloom this March!

#successstory #clientspotlight #inspired #growthmindset #[your brand hashtag]

EVERGREEN: March Timeless Social Media Content Ideas

Don’t forget to build your online presence with Evergreen content – this is content that blooms all year round. These timeless pieces engage and educate your audience consistently, providing a fantastic foundation for your brand identity. Here are five evergreen content prompts to share this March (and beyond):

Evergreen Prompts for March

#31. Share a comprehensive guide or resource that explains everything your audience needs to know about your core product or service. This could include its benefits, features, how it works, and how it can solve the audience’s problems.

#32. Identify common challenges or mistakes your audience faces related to your industry or expertise. Offer solutions and guidance on overcoming these challenges. 

#33. Showcase the positive impact your product or service has had on real clients or customers. Share their inspiring stories and the results they achieved through your offering. 

#34. Delve into a relevant industry topic but make it accessible for beginners. Explain key concepts and terms in a clear and concise manner. 

#35. Offer valuable free resources, such as ebooks, checklists, templates, or webinars, that help your audience achieve a desired outcome related to your field. 

Evergreen Caption Template for March

When you’re first starting out with [niche topic – e.g. Astrology], it can sound like a whole new language sometimes. But the good news is that understanding the basics is actually pretty straightforward if you can navigate the jargon. 🤓

That’s why we’re tackling 3 must-know concepts that often trip up beginners:

💡#1 [Jargon term – e.g. Retrograde Planets] This might sound like [humorous comparison – e.g. a cosmic puzzle], but it simply means [simple explanation – e.g. certain planets appear to be moving backward in their orbits.]

💡#2 [Jargon term – e.g. Natal Chart] This might sound intimidating, but it simply refers to [simple explanation – e.g. a map of where celestial bodies were at the exact time of your birth.] 

💡#3 [Jargon term – e.g. Transits] Don’t worry, deciphering this doesn’t require cracking a secret code. It just means [simple explanation – e.g. the ongoing movements of the planets and how they interact with your birth chart.]

Translation complete!  Now you’re ready to level up your [industry topic – e.g. Astrology] skills and [achieve a desired goal – e.g. gain insights into your personality, relationships, and purpose].

To learn more, be sure to check out our link in bio for our FREE beginner’s guide to [Topic], packed with more jargon translations just like this and loads of actionable [Topic] tips.  🔗🚀

#Simplified[IndustryTopic] #[Topic]101 #[Topic]forbeginners

March Social Media Holidays

March is a vibrant month filled with diverse observances and holidays and many hold universal themes of human achievement, environmental awareness, and celebrating life’s simple joys.

Use these prompts as a starting point to create relevant and engaging content that resonates with your brand voice and target market. 

March Monthly Observances:

#36. National Women’s History Month (March): Share stories of female entrepreneurs, highlight female leaders in your industry, or partner with a women-owned business for a collaboration.

#37 International ideas month (March): Share your favorite work or life hacks showcasing creative solutions you’ve come up with for common problems. 

#38. National Reading Month (March): Share your favorite business or self-improvement books with your audience or host a giveaway for your favorite “game-changing” read. 

March Weekly Observances:

#39. National Procrastination Week (March 2nd – 8th): Share “procrastination-busting” tips.

#40. International Women’s Week (March 8th – 14th): Share a story of inspiring women in your life/work.

#41. Global Entrepreneurship Week (March 20th – 26th): Share inspirational stories of successful small businesses you love to support.

#42. National Small Business Week (May 1st – 7th): Highlight what makes small businesses special, share customer testimonials about their experience with your business, or offer a “shop small” promotion to support local businesses in your community.

March Daily Holidays: 

#43. World Compliment Day (March 1st): Tag someone and give them a compliment. Encourage your followers to tag someone they appreciate and share a compliment in the comments.

#44. National Day of Unplugging (March 1st): Encourage followers to disconnect from technology and reconnect with the world around you.

#45. Employee Appreciation Day (March 1st): Show your employees how much they are valued/feature a photo of a happy employee.

#46. Dr. Seuss’s Birthday (March 2nd): Host a Dr. Seuss trivia challenge related to his books and characters.

#47. World Wildlife Day (March 3rd): Ask your followers a question to spark discussion: “What’s your favorite wild animal and why?”

#48. International Women’s Day (March 8th): Highlight the achievements of women in your niche or industry.

#49. National Pi Day (March 14th): Poll your audience and ask them to vote on the best pie.

#50. St. Patrick’s Day (March 17th): Share a photo of you wearing something green or your favorite St. Patrick’s Day food/drinks.

#51. Spring Equinox / First Day of Spring (March 19th): Share photos showcasing the beauty of spring in your community. Ask your followers what they’re most excited about as the days grow longer and warmer.

#52. International Happiness Day (March 20th): Feature quick and easy tips for incorporating happiness boosters into your daily routine.

#53. National Puppy Day (March 23rd): Share a photo of your dog as a puppy and invite your followers to share theirs with you too.

#54. World Storytelling Day (March 20th): Highlight a story behind your brand, a product or a service.

#55. Easter (March 31st): Extend Easter holiday greetings to those in your audience who celebrate.

Holiday Caption Template for March 

Celebrating the Power of Women this #NationalWomensHistoryMonth 🌸

This March, we shine a spotlight on the incredible women who inspire us.  

Today, we’d like to shout out [insert name of prominent female entrepreneur in your industry] who is a leading [title] that [briefly describe their achievements and contributions, e.g., “revolutionized the way we approach [area of impact]” or “built a thriving business while advocating for [cause]”].

Her [qualities – e.g. dedication and innovation] are truly inspiring! 💪✨

We believe in the power of women to lead, innovate, and create positive change.

Join us in celebrating the amazing women who shape our world and tag a woman who inspires you to share her story in the comments!

#NationalWomensHistoryMonth #WomensHistoryMonth #EmpoweringWomen #EqualityForAll #TogetherWeRise #[Industry Hashtag]

March Email Marketing Ideas

📌If you’re building your list but stuck on what you should be sending them, be sure to check out Activate Your List for 2 years of pre-written emails that guide your subscribers along their journey to become a customer. 


#56. Share a relatable story of a challenge you overcame in your work.
Email Subject Line: 💪 How I Crushed [challenge] like a Boss 

#57. Highlight the positive impact your business has on the community.
Email Subject Line: 🤝 Your Support is Made a Real Impact

#58. Feature your favorite business mantra and why it inspires you to keep going.
Email Subject Line: 🌟 My Go-To Motto for Making Progress

#59. Tell your audience what keeps you going when you feel like giving up.
Email Subject Line:  😩Real Talk: Sometimes I feel like giving up

#60. Share a book or list of books that shifted your mindset and inspired you.
Email Subject Line: 📚 Must-read books if you want [desired outcome]


#61. Conduct a survey to gather feedback from your audience.
Email Subject Line:  🙏Have 30 Seconds to Take This Quick Survey? 

#62. Run a poll to gauge interest in a new product or service
Email Subject Line:  📊 Your Vote Counts! Help Us Shape Our Next Big Thing.

#63. Encourage subscribers to ask any questions they have about a niche topic
Email Subject Line:
❓This is Your Chance to Ask Me Anything!

#64. Prompt subscribers to share their challenges within your niche.
Email Subject Line:
 😓 What [Topic] Struggles Are You Facing? Let’s Solve Them!

#65. Inquire about their specific interests within your niche to tailor future content.
Email Subject Line: 🤔 Which of these [niche] topics intrigue you most


#66. Share behind-the-scenes content showcasing a project that’s in the works.
Email Subject Line: 🤫Exclusive Sneak Peek – What’s Coming this March! 

#67. Feature a customer story & testimonial highlighting a positive experience.
Email Subject Line: 🌟 How [Customer Name] Achieved [Result] in [Timeframe]

#68. Share a relatable limiting belief that used to hold you back
Email Subject Line:💪Overcoming Self-Doubt: The Limiting Belief I Left Behind 

#69. Share the biggest mistake you made before you achieved success
Email Subject Line: 🚀 The Transformative Power of Mistakes

#70. Offer an “aha” moment that helped you get unstuck
Email Subject Line: 💡The “Aha” Moment that Changed My [niche goal] Game 


#71. Share a valuable blog post you’ve written
Email Subject Line: 🚀 Want the fast track to [result]? My latest post will help! 

#72. Offer a free resource covering a specific topic.
Email Subject Line: 🆓 NEW! Get Your Hands on this FREE [resource]!

#73. Share your top 3 tips to overcome a common challenge your audience is facing
Email Subject Line:  💪 My Top 3 Tips for [Common Challenge]

#74. Share the steps they need to take achieve a goal
Email Subject Line:  🌟 X Steps to Achieve Your [Specific Goal]

#75. Share your top resources for a specific niche topic
Email Subject Line:  🌐 Must-Have Resources for [Niche Topic] 


#76. Offer a limited-time discount or promotion on your products or services.
Email Subject Line:⏳ Limited-Time Offer: Save [Percentage]% on [Product/Service]!

#77. Share a blog post that addresses common objections
Email Subject Line: 🤔Is [Product/Service] Is Right For You?  

#78. Answer FAQs about your product/service
Email Subject Line:❓Why Choose [Product/Service]? All Your Questions Answered.

#79. Showcase social proof through customer testimonials and case studies
Email Subject Line:  🌟 Real Results: 3 Incredible [Niche] Success Stories 

#80. Share the story of why you developed your product or service
Email Subject Line: 🌱The Real Reason Why We Created [Product/Service] 


#81. Share your #1 tip for achieving a desired result
Email Subject Line:  💰 I could charge for this advice…

#82. Segment your audience and send links to blog posts/freebies based on interest
Email Subject Line: 🎯 Just for You: Top Resources for [Niche Topic Interest]

#83. Invite your email audience to follow you on social media
Email Subject Line: 🤔 Are we friends?

#84. Promote your latest blog post
Email Subject Line: 🎉 New Post! [Title of Blog post]

#85. Offer a valuable resource like a downloadable guide or template.
Email Subject Line:📥Download the Free Ultimate [Niche Topic] Guide


#86. Send greetings for a specific March holiday like Easter.
Email Subject Line: 🌷 Hoppy Easter from [Company Name]! 

#87. Offer a holiday-themed promotion discount.
Email Subject Line: 🍀 Luck of the Savings: St. Patrick’s Day Discounts Inside!

#88. Invite your audience to participate in a spring-themed hashtag
Email Subject Line: Share Your Favorite Spring Photos with Us! #DiveIntoSpring 🌼

#89. Host a holiday-themed contest or giveaway.
Email Subject Line: 🎁 [Holiday] Cheer: Enter to Win [Prize]!

#90. Express your gratitude to your customers during a holiday like International Women’s Day Email Subject Line: 🌸 Celebrating YOU on International Women’s Day!

March Promotion Ideas for Your Email Campaigns:

The following are ideas for special promotions and email campaigns you can run in March to bring in a surge in sales! 

#92. Hello Spring! Flash Sale: Announce a limited-time sale centered on the theme of “spring refresh.” Encourage customers to “rejuvenate and update their lives” for the new season with relevant discounts on your offerings.

#92. “Lucky You!” St. Patrick’s Day Sale”: Leverage the festive spirit of the holiday by offering a special bundle or special discount on St. Patrick’s Day.

#93. “March Madness Sale”: Capitalize on the excitement surrounding March Madness, a popular college basketball tournament in the United States. Adapt the “madness” aspect to your deal or discount. 

#94. “March into Savings”: Use a play on the word “March” to tie into a promotion for the month. Example: “March into savings with 20% off your first purchase this month!”

#95. “Happy Day Sale” (International Day of Happiness – March 20th): Celebrate International Day of Happiness by promoting a deal that will make your customers happy! 

📌If you want to generate sales from your list month after month, check out the Seasonal Sales Promo Builder It’s a system of 160 pre-written sales emails that work together to build email promotional campaigns that drive sales whenever you need them. 

Bonus Marketing Ideas to Try in March

#96. Create a meme by combining a funny or relatable image with a clever caption to capture attention and entertain your audience.

#97. Run a “caption this” social media contest: Spark audience engagement by posting a fun or quirky image related to your brand and encouraging followers to participate with a caption. Offer a small prize or discount for the most creative entry.

#98. Give a personal tour: Offer a behind-the-scenes look at your workspace or office through social media videos or live streams. This fosters a sense of connection with your audience and allows them to see the human side of your brand.

#99. Go live: Host an “Ask Me Anything” session on Instagram Live or Facebook Live to connect with your audience in real-time. Answer their questions, share insights, and build relationships.

#100. Donate to charity: Partner with a cause relevant to your brand and donate a portion of your proceeds or offer customers the option to donate at checkout. This builds goodwill and connects with socially conscious consumers.

#101. Check out some of our most popular free marketing resources before you go to help you conquer your marketing in March! 👇

Huge Marketing Opportunities Await This March!

March offers marketers lots of opportunities to connect with customers and boost brand awareness. With just a bit of creativity, you can tailor your marketing campaigns to every occasion, from St. Patrick’s Day celebrations to quirky national days like National Day of Unplugging.

Take advantage of awareness days like International Women’s Day to demonstrate your commitment to social responsibility, and mark social media holidays on your calendar because they’re a great time to introduce new products and services.

Social media platforms are your playground throughout March. Run contests, share motivational quotes, and offer sneak peeks at new products. 

Email marketing is another powerful tool. Encourage subscriptions with special offers for signing up during, for example, the first full week of March.

Remember, the best ways to capture your audience’s attention are to be creative, have fun, and offer value. All you need is a little planning and these 100+ marketing ideas for March! 

If you haven’t already, be sure to download our FREE content planner!

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