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Have you ever stared at a blank screen for hours, wondering what to post on social media? Or struggled to come up with great Instagram captions in order to get more engagement and attract customers for your small business? 

If so, then you’ve come to the right place! Because today we’re going to hook you up with the best Instagram captions that work for any small business – just copy and paste them into the ol’ Instagram app and hit publish! 

These are totally plug-and-play and take only a few minutes to customize to create perfect instagram posts for your ideal audience.

By the way, these captions are straight out of our signature content program, the Content Calendar System where we’ve planned out two years of content with daily copy and paste caption templates just like the ones we’re about to share with you! 

The best part is that there’s nothing random about these captions, they’re different from those generic lists of content ideas where you have to sort through tons of ideas trying to figure out why you should be sharing this or that and how it’s going to help you build your business. 

Good instagram captions always start with strategy, and that’s why the following caption templates are sorted into our “6-Bucket content system.” 

Each bucket plays a role in helping you guide your audience through the buyer journey (total internet stranger all the way to customer!) and the most important thing to keep in mind is you need to share a variety of different types of Instagram posts.

These 6 content buckets represent the types of content that every business needs to share because they work together to reach people at all stages of awareness. They are:

  1. INSPIRE: Aspirational post captions to encourage likes and shares and helps you get more reach 
  2. ASK: Engaging questions that encourage instagram comments
  3. CONNECT: Stories that build your know/like/trust factor (that leads to sales!) 
  4. EDUCATE: Authority-building posts that build trust and credibility around niche topics
  5. EVERGREEN: Timeless content you need to share on a recurring basis to attract customers
  6. CONVERT: Information about your products and services and encourage people to take action

When you think of it like a timeline and how your audience is experiencing your content, it looks something like this… 

I’ve organized the following copy & paste caption templates into these six buckets so not only can you create the perfect Instagram caption for your small business TODAY, as you read through these different sections you’ll begin to see this system in action so you’re always creating the best IG captions in order increase your engagement, build your following, and generate leads and sales. 

For each of the six buckets I’ll be sharing three captions you can copy and paste and use for your own Instagram account beginning with the first bucket – INSPIRE.

Content Bucket #1: INSPIRE


People come to social media to get inspired, so this is a fun one! This bucket is where you can share beautiful photos and inspirational Instagram quotes paired with cool captions that inspire and motivate your audience. 

We all need pep talks to build our confidence and keep going, and this type of content gets people commenting and liking your posts, which the algorithms love becauae engagement is a signal that people like your content.

You can even repurpose these inspirational quotes as engaging an Instagram story – just customize your graphic to the right size using a tool like Canva. 

Copy & Paste Caption Template #1 – You Are Limitless

Imagine no limitations on what you can be, have, or do.’ – Brian Tracy. Don’t wait for someone or something to hand your dream to you or give you permission.Instead, look in the mirror and give yourself permission. Ask yourself what it’s going to take to be successful. You have all the answers you need. You are limitless!

Copy & Paste Caption Template #2 – Forget Your Phone

3 REASONS TO FORGET YOUR PHONE MORE OFTEN:  1) You’ll feel better when you’re unplugged.2) Phones take you away from real life and your environment. 3) You’ll create more connections with people in the outdoors, which we all need. When was the last time you completely forgot to look at your phone?

Copy & Paste Caption Template #3 – Good Things Come to Those Who Work

No dream is too big or unattainable. No problem is too big that can’t be solved. You have the power and are the only one standing in the way of you reaching your dreams.
That means you have limitless potential. Whatever you want to create in your life, you can do it. Just make sure you start SOON!!

Pro-tip! Use relevant hashtags strategically to increase the discoverability of your posts and reach a wider audience such as #MotivationMonday and #businessinspiration

That’s all we have from the Inspire bucket today! But there are lots more content ideas like these in our Content Calendar System.

Content Bucket #2: ASK


The second content bucket I am sharing today is called Ask. Think of content that comes from the Ask bucket as “icebreaker content”. This is where you’re going to be asking your audience questions and getting them to engage with you and interact with your posts.  The beautiful thing about “ask” captions is that engagement and interaction show algorithms that people love your content – so they’re going to show it to more people.

The first piece of content is an icebreaker question about good habits. Just copy and paste the following template into a social media of choice like Facebook or Instagram – something that doesn’t have a character limit like Twitter. Don’t forget to insert your own comment into the brackets!

Copy & Paste Caption Template #4 – Good habits

Quick question for you guys… What good habits have you been slacking on lately? No judgments here, it happens! Maybe you’ve been procrastinating, making excuses, or just plain not doing what you should be doing. I hear you! I used [to positive habit you’ve let go]. This week, I’m getting back to it! Let me know in the comments what you want to get back to. I’m here to cheer you on and help you do it!

The second idea in this set of social media content ideas for small businesses is about the comfort zone. Another icebreaker for easy engagement!

Copy & Paste Caption Template #5 – Comfort Zone

The last time I stepped out of my comfort zone was…[describe what you did, how you felt, and a lesson you learned that stuck with you]. Is it time to step out of your comfort zone again? Remember, if it doesn’t scare you – you won’t grow! What’s one thing you know would change everything if you just DID IT?!!

The third idea encourages followers to look back at last year. People love to reminisce, and nostalgia is powerful. Ask your followers what they were doing a year ago at this time, and share the same information yourself!

Copy & Paste Caption Template #6 – A Look Back to Yesteryear

WOW, can you believe how FAST time flies? Just last year, I was [describe what you were doing related to your niche]. Now I’m [share what’s changed and why you’re grateful]. Everything is possible when you put in the work! What’s changed for you this year?

Pro-tip! Don’t forget to use emojis to help you set the tone of your brand voice and break up your Instagram text with visuals.

That’s content bucket number two!

Content Bucket #3: CONNECT


That leads us right to bucket number three – Connect. This is where great captions will build your know/like/trust factor because you’re relating to them as a real human being with flaws and struggles. You’re sharing your goals and your journey, creating a network of good friends on social media who relate to your experiences.

When you share from the Connect bucket, you’re essentially warming people up to you and your business.The best thing about these is they’re equally perfect for people in your audience who are completely unaware of you as well as your best friends and brand loyal customers too — we all love relatable stories! 

Copy & Paste Caption Template #7 – Shout out to Followers

Thank you for being here. We are [X days, months, years, and x amount of followers] strong. Thanks for making the connection!I truly think it’s wonderful that we can connect and grow and learn from each other. And I hope that my feed can bring you a smile or some inspo as I share my [life and journey/tips and stories] with you!

Copy & Paste Caption Template #8 – Expert in my Niche

What if I told you I never tried to be an expert in [topic], just a good problem solver? And because I love to learn everything I can about [topic], it just so happens I’ve become pretty good at [helping people achieve X outcome].The first time I realized that was when [share how you discovered you were an expert]. If you have any questions about [topic], I’ll be here.

Copy & Paste Caption Template #9 – Flaws

Most people don’t know this about me, but I am secretly [share a flaw or weakness you have]. And I used to hate that about myself! But you know what? I think that’s been the secret to my success. [Share why your flaws helped you get where you are today]. What’s your secret flaw that most people don’t know about? If you need help turning it into a superpower, I’m here.

Connecting with your audience means you’re building a strong following of Instagram followers. Building your know/like/trust factor with content from the Connect bucket is an important part of building customer relationships – which can also improve customer retention. 

Pro-tip! When copying and pasting your captions into Instagram, don’t forget to use line breaks. Whether you’re sharing heartfelt stories or sassy Instagram captions, line breaks help maintain a clean and visually appealing format. To add a line break on most social media platforms, simply press the ‘Return’ or ‘Enter’ key twice.

Bucket #4: EDUCATE


The next bucket is bucket number 4, and that’s Educate. This is teaching content. It’s where you’re helping your audience solve a problem or take the next step with something they’re struggling with. And in the process, you’re really sharing your expertise and becoming a go-to resource in your niche, which is continuing to warm them up to your business and what you do. 

Copy & Paste Caption Template #10 – A Better Way to Achieve A Specific Result

Let’s talk about [topic]. 🙄 Many people believe the only way to [achieve X outcome] is to [insert a common approach].But they’re completely wrong. Here’s why: 👆 [Insert three reasons]. For years now, I’ve been [getting the result they want] by [insert your unique strategy]. And guess what? You can too!Ask me about it in the comments. 💬

Copy & Paste Caption Template #11 – 3 Easy Habits to Achieve X

Easy everyday habits you can foster right now 👏 We all want to achieve [ niche topic ], right? Well, here’s the secret – all it takes is a complete switch of your daily habits! For me, these habits were the crucial stepping stones I needed to find success today: 🌟 [ Habit #1 ] 🌟 [ Habit #2 ] 🌟 [ Habit #3 ] To quote Aristotle, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” Are you ready to switch up your daily routine? 👀

Copy & Paste Caption Template #12 – Accountability

Sometimes the truth is hard to hear. 👀 Achieving [goal] doesn’t happen by magic. It takes hard work and results don’t happen overnight. They’re a product of pushing yourself every single day. 💪 So what exactly does it take to do [goal]? Hint: it’s all about your mindset. 🙌 [Insert three shifts they can make]. Remember, I’m here to help you see it through! 🌟

Sharing from the Educate bucket also builds your authority on your chosen topic, positioning yourself as an expert in your niche and building trust factor. Keep in mind that visual content aids in understanding so try to find ways to incorporate infographics, charts, and captivating Instagram photos to help convey educational information effectively.

Pro-tip! With educate posts, add bullet points to list ideas or steps to help break up your copy and make it more visual so it’s easy to skim and scan.

Content Bucket #5: EVERGREEN


Evergreen is recurring content – which is content that you can share at any time. This content is meant to drive traffic to your website, your blog posts, your freebies, videos, and anything that you’re posting elsewhere. 

You can also share your favorite caption from the past as part of your Evergreen content strategy to keep your audience engaged and get more exposure on content you’ve already created. 

Plus, you can share any weekly insights, or those “aha!” moments you have along the way…reintroduce yourself to your community. 

Essentially, what you’re doing is staying connected to your audience by sharing small moments along the way, week to week, month to month.

Copy & Paste Caption Template #13 – Milestones

Woo! I did it. Been working hard on [X], and I’m finally starting to see results![Share your win] Time to check in on your [niche topic] goals!Are you powering through, or have you been slipping lately? DM me if you need help getting [the thing they want to achieve] back on track!

Copy & Paste Caption Template #14 – Favorite Tools and Resources

There are so many tools out there to help with [topic]. And it’s super easy to feel overwhelmed! So I thought I’d share my current must-haves that I’m using all the time and recommending to my customers: [Share 3-5 tools you use and why.]What tools are you using every day? Remember, start slow… you don’t need a gazillion tools, just the right ones!

Copy & Paste Caption Template #15 – Re-introduce Yourself

It’s time we got to know each other, don’t you think? 👋 I see a lot of lovely new faces here lately. So, allow me to reintroduce myself: My name is [ Name ] and I [ insert job mission – e.g., help clients supercharge their business with powerful copywriting ]. 😁 As much as [ niche ] is my passion, it’s not what I do 24/7. In my spare time, you’ll find me: ✨ [ Activity #1 – e.g., hanging with friends and family ]. [ expand – e.g., this helps me to relax and recharge ]. ✨ [ Activity #2 – attending gym classes ]. [ expand ]. ✨ [ Activity #3 – visiting the theater ]. [ expand ]. Tell me about you in the comments below and let’s connect 🤩💭

Bucket #6: CONVERT


That brings us right to bucket number 6, which is Convert. This is your promotional content. By now, you have loads of other kinds of posts. They’re working hard to grow your account, build that relationship with your followers, and help them make some quick wins. You definitely want to throw promotional content in the mix so they know what you offer. 

It’s easy to assume that our followers already know what we offer, but chances are that they don’t – especially if you’re not using this type of post often. This type of content makes them aware of your products and services and what you have to offer and helps you generate those leads and sales. 

Copy & Paste Caption Template #16 – Here’s How I Can Help

Do you have a plan for [achieving X]? You need a strategy fast! One that will help you get all the way to [a huge milestone]. How relieved would you feel knowing you had a [step-by-step roadmap]? In my program, you’ll get [explain your offer, what’s included, and what it will help them do]. Link in bio to learn more.

Copy & Paste Caption Template #17 – Customer Testimonial

Nothing makes me happier than seeing messages like this from my amazing [product or service name] customers… “[Insert your best testimonial]” High five, [@name]! You made my day.☀️ P.S. – Want to know how you can get results like this too? Head over to my website for more info.

Copy & Paste Caption Template #18 – Getting out of Your Comfort Zone

What if we all step out of our comfort zone and do something really different that could alter the way we approach life/business? ⁠ ⁠ If you want to [reach X goal, do this]. ⁠ If you want to [reach Y goal, do this]. ⁠ ⁠ If you want to [achieve a really big outcome that you provide], send me a DM. ⁠ The best time to make your dreams come true is today. You may not reach the stars in a day but you’ll be one step closer to them. Heck, you may get close enough to see them sparkle!

We share loads more Promotional social media content ideas in our Content Calendar System – you should check it out! It’s important to share from a mixture of all the buckets in order to have a really well-rounded content strategy.

That’s it for the 6 buckets! These templates will make it easy for you to copy Instagram captions that align with your content strategy and engage your audience effectively.

Caption All Your Social Media Posts Using the 6-Bucket Strategy

So far, I’ve shared 18 expanded content ideas with copy and paste caption templates. If there’s anything you take away from this post, I hope you can see the strategy that’s really baked into these ideas by filling up each of the buckets you need to grow your business on social media. 

These 6 Content Buckets are designed to correspond with all phases of the customer journey and guide your audience through different stages of awareness…

By following the 6-bucket strategy, not only are you growing your following and attracting your audience, but you’re warming them up to your business and guiding them on a journey to become a customer

The journey begins with content designed to attract your audience and boost engagement.

Then, you’re bringing them a little bit deeper: connecting with them on a personal level and earning their trust by sharing your expertise.

Taking them further on the journey, you’ll invite them to take action in order to convert your followers into leads and customers. Rather than coming across as “salesy,” it will feel completely natural and authentic — you’re comfortable and relaxed and just letting them know how you can help, who you’ve helped before, and what you have to offer. 

With your Evergreen content, you’re continuing to build a relationship, sharing your new ideas, new discoveries, and new content that you’ve created. You’re driving traffic to your business and essentially keeping everything you’ve built thus far going and growing!

Having ideas at your fingertips and copy and paste captions will save you massive amounts of time, but just make sure you’re using the 6-bucket content strategy I shared with you today to make sure your social media posts attract the right audience to your content, warm them up to your business, and close the sale. 

The other thing I hope you’re taking away from this post is that consistency is key on social media. Just like anything else, you have to show up regularly to get those results. 

If you find that difficult, you’re not the only one! Tons of small business owners are regularly staring at their phones, wondering what to post on Instagram or what to post on Facebook. 

The easiest way to skip over being stuck on what to post is to have a plan with simple steps to follow ready in advance…

You need content ideas just like this, pre-planned, ready to go, and a way to quickly pull together your content for the entire month in just a few hours so when you’re ready to create your Instagram content, all you need to do is open Instagram and use the ideas you’ve prepared.

I have good news – that’s exactly what’s inside our Content Calendar System.

The Content Calendar System (CCS)

CCS is a great way to show up regularly every day without stress and without overwhelm because you’ll have loads more ideas and captions just like this already planned out for you in a two-year content calendar. 

Rather than taking your chances with an AI-powered Instagram caption generator or pulling from a random list of ideas you find online, CCS is a proven system used by thousands of small businesses just like yours to get results on social media.

You’ll be able to use our daily templates to create new Instagram captions for your posts following the same 6-bucket content strategy we’ve shared with you today. 

All you have to do is grab your caption, tweak it, grab your graphic, and post it. So you’re literally done and done! Never rack your brain for Instagram content ideas again…just shake up your strategy with CCS! 

We really want to save you time and stress creating content so you can show up confidently and super excited about what you’re sharing. 

Remember, the only thing stopping people from showing up on social media the way they want is lack of confidence in their strategy and lack of time. The Content Calendar System solves both. Don’t forget to check it out!

As always, thank you so much for reading, and I will see you next time!

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