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Clarify Your Brand Message With These 5 Simple Questions

If you’re looking to attract more high-quality clients to your business, the first imperative is to make your brand message clear, relevant, and focused.  Put yourself in the shoes of your dream clients. They’re busy. Distracted. Overwhelmed. Bombarded with thousands of messages every day. If you want them to understand WHAT YOU DO and WHY […]

How to Use Notion to Streamline Your Blogging Workflow

We know exactly how much time and work goes into creating a successful blog. And to turn all of that hard work into a profitable, scalable business? Even harder. The reality is, that most bloggers struggle and we’ve noticed a pattern…. the “strugglers” fall into one of two categories: The first type works themselves to […]

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From Freelancer to Funnels: How to Scale a 1-Person Business

Are you selling 1-1 services to clients and want to grow and scale your business? You’ve come to the right place! In this post, we’re going to give you the roadmap from trading hours for dollars to scaling your income beyond your time. But first, there’s an important distinction we need to clarify and that […]