How to Use Notion to Streamline Your Blogging Workflow

We know exactly how much time and work goes into creating a successful blog.

And to turn all of that hard work into a profitable, scalable business? Even harder.

The reality is, that most bloggers struggle and we’ve noticed a pattern…. the “strugglers” fall into one of two categories:

The first type works themselves to the bone — waking up early, staying up late, sacrificing weekends and self-care time.

The second type gives up trying before their efforts ever have a chance to pay off, or they “dabble” when they have free time and wonder why it’s not helping their bottom line.

The first isn’t sustainable and the last one breaks our hearts. 

If you’re serious about creating content to grow your business (and you should be)….there’s a third type of blogger…

This type of has a well-oiled process for creating content they KNOW will make them money and help them grow their audience and influence too… zero fluff, all smarts.

If that’s the type of blogger you want to be…

It’s time to level up.

It’s time to be strategic with your content because you just don’t have time to publish things into a void, you need to know everything you create will work hard for you to meet your goals.

It’s time to know your numbers because if you’re not paying attention, you can’t make informed decisions and nobody’s got time to “just wing it” and hope it works out.

It’s time to get organized and stop letting time slip through the cracks looking for things, wondering what you’re supposed to be focused on, and battling endless distractions.

To help you in these efforts we want to show how we’re using a FREE tool to organize every aspect of our blog & business – our tasks, our content, our financials, and more. 

This is how we’re able to see the things we need to see in order to make our content the engine that drives our business.

Check out this tour of our Blogger’s Dashboard – it’s a game-changer!

Get The Blogger’s Dashboard.

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