Attract high-quality clients and do the work that lights you up

If you’re stuck in the “I never have enough time to line up my next great client” trap…

  • Saying yes to work you’d rather say no to just to pay the bills
  • Treating marketing like an afterthought because your business always comes last
  • Struggling to scale because after you pay yourself there’s nothing left over 

Then it’s time to get to the bottom of what your dream clients value most and start telling the story that positions you as a go-to expert that helps them get it.

If it ever feels like a straight-up daily battle to get your dream clients to notice you… it’s because it is.

If you ever feel invisible (“hello? is this thing on?”), it’s because if your message isn’t clear, relevant, and useful, your dream clients are just gonna keep on scrollin’.

Bombarded with thousands of choices for what to do, decide, and pay attention to every day, understandably they filter most of it out!

The way to cut through all that noise and get your signals through is to stop telling the story you think you’re supposed to tell and start telling the story they really want to hear.

In The Brand Story Blueprint, we’re going to prepare your message for battle with all this noise so you can capture the attention—and the hearts!—of your ideal clients. 

The exercises in this interactive .pdf workbook will help you…

👉 Get clear about how to speak about your work
👉 Better understand what your clients need to hear from you
👉 How to express your highest value so you can stop selling yourself like a commodity and racing to be the lowest bidder

You’ll learn…

👉 Why so many marketing messages sound like noise and the one thing you need to do so yours don’t.
👉 The reasons why your dream clients will choose you instead of your competitors.
👉 How to write brand statements that are clear to your customer written in language they’ll understand.

Who’s behind this?

Hey there, we’re Taughnee and Sandra

Taughnee Stone, Sandra Clayton

We’re on a mission to empower tiny service-based businesses to brand bravely and attract clients they love.

We’ve helped hundreds of clients struggling to level up their brand and we’ve learned that the difference between getting the results you want and riding the struggle bus is having a clear and consistent brand message as your foundation.

The good news is… most of your competitors are getting this wrong, so now’s your chance to put the advantage back in your court. 

The Brand Story Blueprint is your guide whether you’re just getting started or if you’ve been in business for a while and want to level up, attract better clients, and focus on the work you’re meant to be doing.