A Peek Inside The Content Calendar System

Thank you for your interest in CCS! Understandably you want to take a closer look inside before you enroll, so let’s peek under the hood…

The Content Calendar

This is what 3 weeks of content ideas and prompts looks like.

The Captions

Here are a few examples of the caption docs.

 OVER 2,000 Happy Customers & Growing!

Here are some of the results our CCS customers have shared with us… 

This program is absofreakinlutely genius!

Best dollars I have ever spent on templates! Seriously – do not hesitate to grab this! You will gain so much more time back from social media work AND with a bonus, total PEACE OF MIND that you are being consistent and hitting all the right engagement aspects for turning followers into fans! CCS makes it easier to post consistently and to cover all the engagement aspects with followers. I love the organization and quality of posts and how well thought out it is.

Kimberly Roberts

Freelance Emerging Markets' Writer

“Frees up your schedule big time”

The quality and value you get from the CCS is worth a lot more than the cost of it. The system helps you organize your social media activity and frees up your schedule big time. It is only a few hours work, one time each month. I couldn’t have lived without it. It is that easy.

Roy Solheim


Being the owner of 3 separate business, I am able to take this content and apply it to ALL of my businesses that are in completely different industries. I am absolutely blown away!

These amazing ladies have hit the mark on everything, nothing is left out. It’s literally done, and done for me. There is such a wealth of information that I cannot believe the price I paid for it.

I am beyond thrilled about the Content Calendar System. I will be a lifelong customer!!

Lindsey Cotter

Communications Professional

The best social media template tool in all the land.

Enjoli Baker

The content calendar is a no brainer. It took me from months of being stuck to a dozens of finished pieces in only a few hours. I was concerned about being generic/authentic but the truth is the prompts resonate with me and if they don’t I can fix that with a simple tweak instead of hours staring at a blank screen.
Lauren Forsch

Within a couple of days of using this system, I saw a very real upturn in engagement and interaction. Many have commented that my posts are ‘on fire’ ? and they enjoy the content. The system has saved me oodles of time – I’m super impressed with the easy to follow instructions and the bargain price!

Lisa Eden

The VIrtual Connection

CCS is a game changer and should be set at 10x what you’re selling it for. This is the best product I’ve seen ever as far as a content calendar to help business owners. Your sales should be through the roof and everyone needs to know about you because this product is a game changer. You created a gold mine. I saw a product from someone last week with just 150 captions for $149. Up your prices, you deserve it. Thank you again for this amazing product.
Yasha O'Neal

The Content Calendar System has helped me to take the guess work out of what to post on my social media. Now that I have a template, I can be more creative instead of trying to figure it all out on my own. I love the Canva designs you created too!

Jessica Beauchesne


I love this system. It makes planning of social media posts so much easier and I now know the reason for different types of posts. Love the suggested post templates and knowing what the different buckets are.

Sharon Costello


CCS has allowed me to spend more time on my day to day activities. The tools and training are a big plus also in helping me become more creative.
Greg Satterthwaite

The Content Calendar System really saved me! It has made my life much easier by giving me a guide to work with and lots of options to choose from when planning out my month! I love the day to day layout/ideas and ease of working with it! It’s helped me get out of stuck mode.

Cynthia Maddock

Madd House Hill

This is an amazing gift! I don’t know how I stumbled upon it but it really does help me begin when I do not have a clue where to start. I really do love it and the way I can make it mine.

Dena Bradford


I really like having the graphics. I use Canva so they are very easy to use. It has given me more topics to talk about that I didn’t have before. I have really enjoyed having topics and information I can post without having to do too much writing and research.

Gwendolyn Dunn

Independent Stamp Maker

CCS and the social media image pack have already been a freakin’ life changer. Before this, I was struggling with posting. I already am not a fan of social media so posting it as a part of growing my business was really difficult. This has literally changed my life! Thank you for creating it. I know so many others who are struggling with this same thing and I would love to share this with them.
Michelle Grady

CCS was a real game-changer for my social media. I had no idea how to engage my followers, what to post about. Now I have very engaging content with quality captions and my followers started to respond! I get more and more messages, and hopefully, this will convert to sales! ? The level of texts you wrote are outstanding. It’s really easy to fill the blanks as your texts actually make sense not like many others’ contents. I love how easily I can browse content in my Trello app, than I can click on the URL which takes me to a Google Doc.

Enikö Bús

Instructional Content Designer

CCS takes all the stress out of trying to figure out what to say, how to say it and, when to say it. I love how little time it takes to write posts once I have the system in place. Social Media can be mind boggling but not with this system…easy to implement, understand, and simple to use.
Suzanne Fiscella


It saves me a ton of time! I love the different ways the information is organized, which really helps me look for what I need. I also love that CCS gives me a place to go to get started when writing social media captions.
Alexandra Brady

Let's Chat About Math

Your training, spreadsheets and calendars have saved me massive amounts of time! With so many tasks involved in getting my blog and social media setup and organized, it became overwhelming to think of creating a social media calendar or what to post on a consistent basis. I now have a basis for my posts so that I can start developing my business. Thank you so much!
Darlene Olive

Business Coach

I have purchased a ton and I mean a ton of courses on marketing and this is by far the most intuitive training on social media I’ve ever gone through! And not only is it the most intuitive but you also provide the tools and how to use them in the most comprehensive way. I’m super impressed and want to share this with my audience. Thank you!

Jeanie Scott

Jeanie Scott Media

If you have any other questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at team@conversionminded.com! We’re happy to help you decide if CCS is right for you. Or, if you’re ready to enroll, you can head on over to the sales page. Thanks again!

Taughnee & Sandra