You’re probably doing all the right things.

You’ve probably got an email list, you’re blogging and posting, and maybe you’ve even managed to create a Facebook ad.

But the hard part is knowing what to do when, why the heck you’re doing it, and how frequently you need to do it. For your marketing to really get results, it needs to be: 1) custom designed to work for your business, and 2) guided by a bigger vision that dictates every single thing you do, so you don’t waste time or money.

Because if you’re applying marketing tactics without a strategy in place, you’re just throwing money down the drain. And who has time for that?

What most people don’t realize (and what I didn’t realize when I first started) is that there are essential components that must be in place for your business BEFORE YOU PROMOTE IT. You have to reverse engineer a system that:

  • Captures leads and grows your mailing list
  • Gives visitors a reason to return to your site
  • Makes it easy for search engines to find you
  • Nurtures potential customers until they buy from you

It’s all about
the strategy.

That’s what I'm here to help you do.

Let’s reverse engineer your marketing system

When you have the right systems and operations in place to streamline your marketing, it’s a matter of doing what works. Again. And again. And again.

I’m here to help you reverse engineer your marketing system. Work back from your end goal and the big vision you have for your business.

Getting found online and turning leads into customers is really about having a CONTENT-SUPPORTED STRATEGY that integrates five things: 1) your website; 2) content marketing; 3) search engine optimization; 4) social media; and 5) a conversion funnel.

And this content-supported strategy will only work if it’s layered on top of a rock-solid brand foundation that’s crystal clear and spot on with yourtarget audience.

That’s what we’ll do together.

I’ll give you personalized attention and laser-focused guidance to help you set up the strategy you need to get more customers and more revenue.

It looks something like this:

I'm in the trenches with you

We’ll work one-on-one to rebuild and refine your business model, create achievable goals, and systematize your marketing so that it works for your business. I’ll guide you through the steps, dig into your business with you, and direct you to what needs to be done, how to do it, and when to do it.

My program is designed to give you a truly personalized experience based on your needs and challenges, your vision for your business, and short- and long-term goals.

I become your business partner and cover everything together with you as we refine your marketing system so it’s in total alignment with your positioning – and you start getting more customers. I’ll guide you through the exact steps to get more reach and more revenue and tell you exactly what you need to do, and when you need to do it, for maximum results.

I’ll hold your hand through the process, keeping you accountable each week for setting expectations and goals that you can reach and then making sure those goals get achieved.

And then…You’ll have a brand that pops with professionalism and a business that’s flourishing. 

Best of all, you’ll have an integrated marketing system and “conversion machine” that’s working for you around the clock. Your website, social media, blog posts, lead magnets, emails, products, sales pages, funnels, ads…all of it will be working together to increase your revenue and free up your time.

We’ll be building brand awareness through all channels that make sense for your business. And you’ll have more leverage and impact everywhere.

Here’s what you’ll get when we work together

You’ll know exactly what you need to be doing and when. No more wondering what to focus on. Know when to outsource, where to allocate resources and where to find the right people. Turn every piece of content you create into a funnel that starts with your blog post and ends with your offer. Schedule, prioritize and know where to focus your time for maximum results. Create marketing and sales processes so you can stay in your zone and do the work you love to do…and say goodbye to the Feast-or-Famine Rollercoaster for good. 

phase 1

Your Brand Foundation

Your Brand Foundation

Nail down your ideal client

We’ll nail down your ideal clients and drill down on target markets that:

  • Value your products and services
  • Can pay premium prices
  • Are large enough to sustain your business 

We’ll craft a message that tells people immediately what you do and who you do it for. We’ll develop your brand voice and your story so that it resonates with your target audience, differentiates you from your competition, and showcases your expertise. You’ll also learn how to find the exact trigger words to get them craving what you have to offer so they can’t wait to work with you.

Packages & pricing

You’ll get clear on your unique value and what sets you apart. We’ll design your unique offerings and packages to attract your ideal client. It’s time to start getting paid what you’re worth (no more discounting or working for free anymore!). 

We’ll define and brand your process so that your clients know exactly what you can do for them. You’ll have pricing tiers and packages to give people many opportunities to work with you. We’ll set up recurring revenue packages so that you have guaranteed sales each month (crucial to building a sustainable business).

I’ll even show you how to turn your services into products and lead offers for more cash and sales.

Website copy makeover

Get a website you’re excited to tell people about. You’ll learn to write copy that converts. We’ll make sure your website copy passes the 3-second rule, so that visitors know everything they need to know right away. I’ll tell you what needs to be where, which pages are must-haves, and how to strategically place links, buttons, and opt-ins. You’ll also receive lessons on how to do keyword research the right way and how to optimize your website for search engines.


Your Content Foundation

Your Content Foundation

Your Content Foundation

Content Strategy

We’ll design a step-by-step content strategy to increase your visibility and know/like/trust factor. You’ll learn how to create irresistible offers that people WANT, and what types of content you need to create to get people craving more (without giving away the farm!). We’ll cover each stage of your sales cycle, from when a potential customer first hears about you, to when they’re ready to buy. You’ll also learn how to create an editorial calendar so you know what to create, where to share it, and when to delegate.

Blogging for Business

You’ll learn how to blog with purpose and create epic posts that people can’t wait to share. We’ll use keyword and market research to uncover trending, hot topics that people will read. We’ll look at the search intent for your keywords to make sure we’re targeting the right ones. You’ll also learn about blog formats, and use blog templates to pull readers into your content. We’ll brainstorm guest-blogging opportunities and influencers to give you that real boost in visibility.


We’ll look at which social platforms you need to be on, where your customers are, and what you need to do on each one to explode and deliver your content. We’ll look at Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook ads, Facebook groups, Facebook Live, YouTube, LinkedIn, and more. We’ll talk about how to find and interact with influencers on social media. We’ll look at creating ads that jump off the screen and get people talking about your organic posts. We’ll get you more followers and likes to help boost brand awareness and search rankings, and we’ll discuss the best strategies for each platform so that you maximize your reach and the amount of time you invest.


Your Sales Foundation

Sales & Lead Generation

Sales & Lead Generation

Sales Goals and Strategy

We’ll look at your sales goals, what’s been working, and the challenges you face with selling. We’ll discover ways to seal the deal, develop your sales approach, and use Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, email marketing, and other channels to reach potential customers.

We'll establish content marketing and sales processes that start at the top of the funnel and lead people to your paid offers and programs in a natural and organic way. 

  • Enroll new clients with ease (you'll master the sales conversation in a genuine ick-free way)
  • Get paid what you're worth – no more discounting or working for free (those days are done!) 
  • Sell out your courses, digital products and programs and turn them into evergreen programs and passive income.
  • Fill your webinars, workshops and telesummits to connect with your audience in an authentic, transparent way

List Building

Build an email list with ready-to-buy subscribers and stay connected to people who want you in their life. We’ll determine the fastest strategies to amplify your list growth, working backward from your products and services to create irresistible free offers that deliver 20, 40, 60 subscribers a day.

We'll host giveaways, develop strategic partnerships, create workshops + live events, and leverage social media to promote your free offers. We’ll create email sequences that nurture new subscribers, and sales funnels to follow up and close the sale.

Once your list building engine is running on autopilot, you’ll be able to turn your attention to other areas of your business.


You’ll nail the five phases of profitable webinars:

  1. Webinar planning phase
  2. Pre-webinar phase
  3. Live webinar phase
  4. Post-webinar phase
  5. Automated webinar phase

I'll help you choose the perfect topic, craft a high-converting webinar script, and design beautiful slides that transition seamlessly into your paid offer. 

We'll also drill down on the tech so you have 100% confidence that your webinar will run smoothly. You'll create Facebook ads, email sequences, and social media campaigns to keep people buying after the webinar is over.

How Does Coaching Work?

  1. You’ll buy your business coaching package.
  2. If you’d like, we can set up a complimentary Discovery Call (20 min) beforehand to get clear on your vision, uncover what’s slowing you down or standing in your way, and make sure we are a good fit for a coaching relationship.
  3. Once you’ve bought your package, I’ll send you a contract and a personalized Welcome Pack (which gets you started even before we have our first coaching call).
  4. We’ll schedule your coaching calls.
  5. You’ll be telling me about the amazing progress, “ah-ha” moments, pivotal shifts and wins you are making in your business, and I’ll give you direction to amplify your results and compress your timeline.

Program Details

3 & 6 Month Packages Include:

A kick-off strategy call
We’ll kick off our time together with a one-hour Strategy Session. We’ll define your goals, look at the challenges you’re experiencing, and decide what needs to shift in your brand positioning and/or packages before we promote you online and get you at your ultimate goal.

2 private strategy calls per month
We’ll speak on Skype or Zoom 2x each month for 75 minutes. I’ll give you the support and strategic insight you need to plan and optimize your business and marketing strategy, and keep you accountable and on track. We’ll take a look at what’s working, what’s not working, and where you should put more (or less) of your energy and time. After each call, you’ll have homework and next steps to take.

Email support
You can email me anytime to ask a question or look over any materials you’re working on. I’ll respond within 24 hours or less to help you push through and forge ahead.

Business and marketing strategy
I’ll help you prioritize what needs to get done and hold you accountable to specific milestones and your grand vision.

Which package is best for me?

My Coaching Program looks different for everyone. Both packages consist of two components designed to take your business from where it is today to where it needs to be: 1) Determine the strategy; and 2) Ongoing support and action plan.

My goal is to customize the program so that it fits your needs and gets you from point A to point Z as quickly as possible. So, if you’ve got a brand foundation without any gaps and are ready to charge forward, we’ll switch our focus and I’ll give you direction to amplify your results. During our Strategy Session we’ll identify your goals so you can decide which package will work best for you.

With 6 months together, we’ll:
Take a deep dive through each phase of the program, all the way to setting up lead generation and sales funnels. We’ll layer each step until you have everything in place to grow your business. You’ll wind up with systems to optimize and simplify everything you do: from your website, to blogging, Facebook ad campaigns, lead magnets, email marketing, and so on. You’ll have an unstoppable conversion machine.

With 3 months together, we’ll:
Focus on your brand foundation first and then start designing a content strategy. If we decide that your brand foundation is already strong during our Strategy Session, we'll dive right into the content strategy.  

This package is great if you want take a break in between phases. We’ll complete as much of the brand and content foundation as we can. Then you’ll work on your own, creating content, putting the finishing touches on your marketing, setting up landing pages, sales pages, and so on. When you’re ready to move on, you can grab another package and together we’ll dig into your next phase. 

We’ll discuss a Maintenance Package during your time off. You’ll be able to email me for guidance if any urgent matters come up, and I'll be here to help you stay on track.

Ready to get started?

3-Month Coaching Program

$750 $550

a month

6-Month Coaching Program

$600 $475

a month

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