Boost your Instagram engagement with scroll-stopping graphics in a fraction of the time!

Boost your Instagram engagement with scroll-stopping graphics in a fraction of the time!

Engage with your audience more consistently & in a fraction of the time with our epic pack of over 1200+ strategically designed Instagram graphics for Canva.

Use them as-is or customize them in seconds with ZERO design experience required! Perfect for entrepreneurs, coaches, bloggers, and busy online business owners.

It’s yours today for just $39!

Getting results on Instagram all starts with sharing attention-getting images…

But creating graphics that stand out always takes way more time than you think it will… time you know you should be spending on more important things.

Now you can fast-track this process and ditch your design anxiety for good!

Just imagine no more…

Just imagine no more…

1200+ Canva templates formatted for Instagram posts and stories for one low lifetime price.

 But that’s not all…

 The Social Media Power Pack comes with engagement-boosting, conversion-focused post ideas baked in!

That means if you’re struggling to stay consistent because it takes too much mental energy to constantly come up with things to post about, the Social Media Power Pack has you covered.

Each graphic includes a prompt that draws from one of five strategic categories to get your audience engaging with you…

Which means you can feel confident your content mix will send good signals to the algorithm. 

Ask, Inspire, Connect, Convert & Holidays…

You’ll have a library of graphics to pull from week after week, month after month, from a content mix designed to boost engagement, build brand awareness, and maximize conversions from Instagram…

In minutes instead of hours.

🙌 WHOO HOO! 🙌  


Let’s take a closer look at what’s inside each category…


Get More Comments to Boost Your Reach

115 questions to ask your audience and get them engaging with your posts! Formatted as posts & stories (230 graphics total)



Motivate Followers to Boost Engagement


118 inspirational quotes to spread good vibes and get your audience engaging! Formatted as posts & stories (236 graphics total)



Create A Personal Connection & Build Trust

138 ideas to connect with your audience to so they can know, like, and trust you. Formatted as posts & stories (276 graphics total)


Promote Your Business to Generate Leads & Sales

133 graphics focused on getting your audience to take action to sell your products and services. Formatted for posts & stories. (266 graphics total)


Never Forget Another Special Occasion!

100 Holiday posts to celebrate with your audience and honor special observances. Formatted as posts & stories (200 graphics total)


Ask Graphics

Inspire Graphics

Connect Graphics

Convert Graphics

Holiday Graphics


You Got This!

How it works…


Upon enrollment in The Social Media Power Pack, you’ll receive a login for Podia to access your purchase. From there, grab the links to the Canva templates, install them to your account (works with the FREE version of Canva!). You can customize them first or just download & post!

Canva is both easy and powerful – even if you’ve never done graphic design in your life, you’ll be amazed at what you can do from day one with The Social Media Power Pack!


We’ll show you how The Social Media Power Pack works hand-in-hand with The Content Calendar System. 

If you prefer to work from your phone, we show you how to manage your templates and post to social media right from your Canva account or save to your camera roll. 

Our video tutorials include subtitles. 


It couldn’t be simpler to make changes to any of the graphics including fonts, colors, and images — these templates are completely customizable. 

Since they’re designed to work with Canva, you can use their image and font library to make changes to any of these designs. If you’re on the premium version of Canva, you can even upload custom brand fonts. 

The question is… where could your business be 3 months from now if you were to spend 90% less time creating graphics for social media so you can show up with more value more consistently?

Want captions too?

Just add our best-selling Content Calendar System to your order and you’ll get 620 captions to go with your graphics plus a 2-year content calendar & idea library.


620 pre-written captions so you never get stuck on what to write

Instead of waiting for a sudden burst of inspiration or struggling to frame your posts, you have a library of heavy-hitting content to pull from designed to meet business objectives.


A content library with hundreds of ideas & captions organized by category

Your content library is where your idea prompts and captions come together in one clean spreadsheet so you can easily grab the best idea, copy the caption, and post.


2 Year Content Calendar

Just tweak your post for the day and you’re done in 5 minutes tops. It’s THAT effortless and THAT turnkey. Formatted for Google Docs, Microsoft Excel, and Google Calendar.


A repurposing bank to get more mileage out of each post

No more one-off posts, videos or emails! The Repurposing Bank helps you expand your reach and influence across platforms.with a system that leverges the content you’ve already created.


Love Trello?

We do too! That’s why we’ve set The Content Calendar System up in Trello for you too. 🙂

Handy Bonuses!

Holidays & Special Observances Cheat Sheet

Emojies Cheat Sheet
& Call to Action Swipe File

Unique Messaging Worksheet


7 Content Workflow Tutorials 


7 Content Workflow Tutorials 

The real power of The Content Calendar System comes when you use it as a cohesive content planning and repurposing vehicle. 

We break down each component and show you how to do it.

The Content Calendar System Bundle
+ bonuses are valued at more than $1,000

but you can add it to your Social Media Power Pack order for just $46 more!

Our happy customers are saying…

These amazing ladies have hit the mark on everything, nothing is left out. It’s literally done, and done for me.

There is such a wealth of information that I cannot believe the price I paid for it. I am beyond thrilled about the Content Calendar System. I will be a lifelong customer!!

Lindsey Cotter

Communications Professional

I recently purchased CCS along with the social media image pack and it has already been a freakin life changer. Before this, I was struggling with posting. I already am not a fan of social media so posting it as a part of growing my business was really difficult. This has literally changed my life! Thank you for creating it. I know so many others who are struggling with this same thing and I would love to share this with them.

Michelle Grady

The Content Calendar System really saved me! It has made my life much easier by giving me a guide to work with and lots of options to choose from when planning out my month! I love the day to day layout/ideas and ease of working with it! It’s helped me get out of stuck mode.

Cynthia Maddock

Madd House Hill

CCS was a real game-changer for my social media. I had no idea how to engage my followers, what to post about. Now I have very engaging content with quality captions and my followers started to respond! I get more and more messages, and hopefully, this will convert to sales! 🙂 The level of texts you wrote are outstanding. It’s really easy to fill the blanks as your texts actually make sense not like many others’ contents.
Enikö Bús

Instructional Content Designer

This program is absofreakinlutely genius! Best dollars I have ever spent on templates! Seriously – do not hesitate to grab this! You will gain so much more time back from social media work AND with a bonus, total PEACE OF MIND that you are being consistent and hitting all the right engagement aspects for turning followers into fans!

CCS makes it easier to post consistently and to cover all the engagement aspects with followers. I love the organization and quality of posts and how well thought out it is.

Kimberly Roberts

Freelance Emerging Markets' Writer

The Content Calendar System is a “Plug and Play” system that is up and running in a few minutes. It helps you organize your social media activity and frees up your schedule big time.

The quality and value you get from the CCS is worth a lot more than the cost of it. It is only a few hours work, one time each month. I couldn’t have lived without it.

Roy Solheim


We’re confident you’ll love The Social Media Power Pack and The Content Calendar System because it’ll save you dozens of hours each week AND help you connect with the right customers. While we normally don’t offer refunds on templates like these, we know it’s going to be a game-changer for you.  So if for any reason you’re not thrilled with it, simply email us at within 7 days of purchase and we’ll give you a full refund.

How long do I have access to the Social Media Power Pack and Content Calendar System

They’re yours forever! You get lifetime access to all of them.

What if I’m unhappy? Can I get a refund?

We always want you to be 100% thrilled with the products you buy from ConversionMinded. We usually don’t offer refunds on templates like these that you can download and start using right away. But we believe in this so much that we’re willing to bend the rules a bit. 

So if you’re reading this and aren’t 100% thrilled with The Social Media Power Pack or The Content Calendar System, just let us know at withing 7 days of purchase for a full refund.   

How do I use the social media graphic templates?

Easy! After you enroll, you’ll get links to install a copy of the templates in your Canva account.

Are stock photos, graphics, and icons included?

The Social Media Power Pack templates are unique layouts created by our designers using Canva photos, icons, and elements.

All of the images we’ve curated are available for all Canva users, so if you’re using Canva’s free plan, no additional purchases of stock imagery is required to use these templates.

You can replace any image with a photo from your own library, swap out another Canva image, or use a stock photo that you purchase separately and upload.

Do I need to have a Canva Pro account?

Nope! You can edit the templates and download the graphics with a free account of Canva. 

How easy is it for a newbie to edit the templates?

Canva is one of the easiest design tools to learn, so it shouldn’t take much time before you’re editing like a pro! 

Can someone else on my team use the templates?

Absolutely! If you work with a virtual assistant or anyone else on your team and they are using your Canva account, they can edit the templates as easily as you can!

If you wish to install the templates in another Canva account, you’ll need to purchase a separate Social Media Power Pack.  

Can I use resell the templates or designs I create with them?

You can use the templates to create any and all social media graphics for your business. The only thing you can’t do with the templates is to resell them – or the designs you create using them. What that means is, your creations are free for you to use personally and commercially: you can share them on social media, add them to your website, include them in blog posts, and so on. You just can’t resell the designs or the templates.

How do I use the calendar system?

Easy! After you enroll, we’ll send you links to download all the files. Plus, we’ll show you how to start using them so you get the best results.

Will this work for my business?

Short answer is, yes. We designed CCS for infopreneurs, coaches, content creators, bloggers and service providers. That said, you can use it for physical products just as easily as digital products and services.

No matter what type of business you’re in, the content buckets in CCS are the ones you need to be sharing. And regardless of what you’re selling, you have to keep showing up consistently. Your captions have to be structured in a way that builds your credibility, grows your following, drives engagement, and generates business. CCS does all that.

Who’s behind this?

Hey there! We’re Taughnee and Sandra.

Taughnee Stone, Sandra Clayton

As professional designers we know how time consuming creating graphics can be – even when you’re confident in your design skills! It’s just a time suck no matter what. We stopped trying to recreate the wheels years ago when we realized having templates to pull from gave us the best results.

We understand the value of design (it’s CRUCIAL for being competitive in the feed – your audience doesn’t have time to pay attention to everything), but we also know that our time is better spent serving our customers and doing the things that drive revenue.

We created The Social Media Power Pack because some weeks we’d feel like rockstars and could hole up fiddling with designs for days. Then we’d share zilch because we just couldn’t find the time, or we didn’t feel inspired, or it was just plain easier to put it off. 

We needed a better plan than “batch your content”. What we really wanted was a grab-n-go graphics system that was also STRATEGIC

We’re super pumped to bring you a simple and affordable solution to help you roll out stunning, engagement-boosting graphics to build your business with social media…without stress and overwhelm!


Payment Options

CCS comes with two affordable payment options: You can buy the Google Sheets Calendar System or Google Sheets/Trello Calendar Bundle.


Content Calendar System

1200+ Canva Templates for Instagram Posts & Stories

Value $599 ~ Yours for $39 Lifetime!


Content Calendar System

1200+ Canva Templates for Instagram Post & Stories

($599 value )


620 Plug-and-Play Caption Templates

($499 value )


730 Daily Content Ideas

Formats included: Google Sheets, Excel, Google Calendar, and Printable PDF.

($199 value )


Content Library & Repurposing Bank

($274value )


Trello Repurposing Board

($29 value)


2021-2022 Trello Calendar Board with captions

($170 value)


All the bonuses!

400 social media holidays, social media copy secrets, emoji cheat sheet, CTA swipe files (value $97)

Total value $1,876 ~ Yours for $85 Lifetime!