Squirreling Out and Feeling Scattered?

We know the struggle! Online business owners need to see everything from 10k feet and the microscopic details all at once to stay focused on the right things and make informed decisions.

That’s why we created The Online Biz Dashboard. This is our daily HUB for setting sales goals, tracking results, planning content and promotions, and centralizing all the assets we need to get more done in less time… and we’re psyched to share it with you!

Consider it your daily sidekick that helps you reclaim your time and crush your goals!


We created our dream dashboard to reclaim our time & maximize sales and we’re sharing it with you!

It’s a game-changer for solopreneurs and absolutely indispensable for teams!



7 Productivity Tabs

Daily Reattachment Exercise
3 Time Blocking Templates
Pomodoro & Habit Tracker
2 Weekly Tasks Template

Get your day off to the best start possible and get more done in less time with these tools inspired by proven productivity methods – daily reattachment, time blocking, the Pomodoro technique and habit tracking.

These are the tools we use to stay focused on what’s most important, do deep work, and prevent mental fatigue!

8 Money Tabs

Monthly Revenue Planner & Tracker
Weekly Sales Tracker
Expense Tracker
Offer & Funnel Planner
3 Funnel Maps

The key to reaching your income goals is to know your numbers! These tools will help you set goals, keep track of results, and plan your offers and sales funnels.

8 Content Marketing Tabs

Content Planner
Monthly Content Calendar Template
Headline Planner
Blog Post Planner
Blog Post Checklist & Tracker
Promo Tracker  
Video Planner
Video Tracker



Content marketing can easily eat up all your time with nothing to show for it if you’re not connecting the dots between your content and sales and optimizing and promoting each piece of content. These are the tools we use to dominate SEO and social media by helping us work smarter, not harder!

4 Asset Library Tabs

Promo Assets
Reviews & Testimonials
Affiliate Hub
Brand Guide



Time spent hunting around for the things you need day-to-day  is better spent on tasks that will make an impact on the bottom line…

That’s why the dashboard wouldn’t be complete without an asset library that organizes & centralizes the things you need to build your brand and optimize each piece of content.

If you wear all the important hats in your business, you know that your time is your most valuable business asset…

If there’s ever a moment you can’t answer the question, 
“What should I be focused on right now?”

There’s a pretty good chance you’ll spend your time just doing things that keep you busy but never get you where you want to be.

The answer isn’t to pile on more overwhelm…

It’s about having a workflow that not only focuses your energy in the right place, but reduces the mental fatigue that’s keeping you from doing the deep work that maximizes your impact in less time.

The Online Biz Dashboard was designed for the unique needs of online business owners to help you reclaim your time and stay focused on what matters.


Track your progress cultivating good habits!

If you use the Pomodoro technique to work productively, keep track of your Pomodoros throughout the day right alongside any habits you want to develop. Reward yourself with a visual of your hard work!


The Online Biz Dashboard comes with three sales funnel maps you can edit and customize with your own offers. Open the Funnel Task Panel to create your to-do list to launch your funnels!

Monthly Revenue Goal Planner & Tracker

Knowing your numbers is key to hitting your sales targets! This is your bird’s eye view of what you need to sell each month to hit your revenue goals & a place to hone in on your strategies and review insights.


The promo asset library is a hub for everything you create to promote your products and services including social media graphics & templates, product descriptions, links, and keyword terms. See what you have at-a-glance and use them over and over again! 


Hi, nice to meet ya!

Taughnee Stone, Sandra Clayton

We’re Sandra Clayton and Taughnee Stone. 

Like you, we sometimes get overwhelmed by all the moving pieces involved in meeting our business goals…

We knew we needed a tool to help us streamline our processes and help us make informed decisions day-to-day to keep us on task and moving forward…

We tried all the popular project management tools and productivity apps but there were always gaps and inconveniences we didn’t have time to workaround. 

So when nobody invented the dashboard we needed, we created our own!

Customized for the unique needs of online business owners, The Online Biz Dashboard includes our favorite tools we’ve created, used, and perfected over years to help us meet our goals and work smarter … and we hope you’ll love it too!

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Is the dashboard only available for google sheets?

The dashboard is only available for Google Sheets at this time, but it can be downloaded as a Microsoft Excel file.

Do you offer a money-back guarantee?

Normally due to the digital nature of this product, we would not be able to offer refunds. But, we would never want you to be legitimately unhappy, so if you contact us at team@conversionminded.com within 7 days, we’ll be happy to issue you a refund. 

Do you provide instruction for using the dashboard & Google Sheets?

You bet! When you purchase the Online Biz Dashboard you’ll also receive tutorials that will walk you through each section of the dashboard and how you’ll use it. And, a resource library of video tutorials that walk you through Google Sheets tips & tricks that will help you customize the dashboard to meet your unique needs.

Are you ready to swap being overwhelmed for spending your time working in the zone?

(Heck yeah!) 

The Online Biz Dashboard

Online Biz Dashboard for Google Sheets

5 Dashboard Tutorials
5+ Google Sheets Tips & Tricks Tutorials