Design a lineup of offers to attract your dream clients

  • Build trust & establish your expertise by creating offers that meet people where they are
  • Generate demand for your premium services while making money along the way
  • Streamline your sales process by trading in custom quotes for bullseye offers 

Are you ready to stop selling your services like a commodity and plant your flag as a go-to expert instead?

It's your value ladder of offers that lets people know what you do and who you do it for

  • Guide your dream clients toward your premium offers on autopilot
  • Put an end to doing time-sucking free consultations and custom quotes with offers that are planned, priced, and ready to go
  • Establish your expertise from your audience's very first interaction with you  
  • Stop feeling stressed about the feast or famine cycle with a system that attracts your next client while serving the ones you have
Sandra Clayton + Taughnee Stone

We're incredibly honored to be a part of your entrepreneurial journey. We created this value ladder planner to help you attract the right people to you to do the work you're meant to be doing. Inside you'll plan the four essential offers you need to set up your client attraction system!

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