Battling it out for attention online? Start attracting your ideal customers like clockwork.

The BRAND WITH CONFIDENCE TOOLKIT has everything you need to build a brand that creates good feelings that lead to sales! 

Imagine feeling PSYCHED about your visuals, CONFIDENT in your message, EXCITED about your purpose, and CRYSTAL CLEAR about your brand style…

Includes a 26-page Brand Guide Template for Canva
+ 6  branding workbooks, swipe files, & how to guides

✓ 26-Page Canva Brand Guide Template ✓ Canva Brand Board Template ✓ Brand Fonts Swipe File  ✓ Brand Color Recipe  ✓ Customer Clarity Workbook  ✓ Clear Brand Message Guide  ✓ Brand Personality Workbook  ✓ Rules for a Great Logo 

The people you want to attract will know, like, & trust you when your branding is clear, confident, and consistent

The Brand Guide Template for Canva makes it easy to plan your visual brand identity and core brand messaging statements.

Visual Brand Identity

Add your own branding elements to customize your guide!
Just upload your logo and any graphics you want to include and drag them into the template. Use the customisable layout elements to test your colors and fonts so you know they’re going to look and work great for you!

Brand Philosophy, Message, & Voice

Get to the bottom of the emotional reasons why your customers will choose YOU
Branding is so much more than having a cool logo and color palette, it’s about having a strong brand message too. These are the reasons your customers will see you as something more special and valuable than your competition.

What makes this Brand Guide Template different?



No complicated or expensive software to learn to have a BEAUTIFUL brand guide for your business. Because it’s set up in Canva, you can quickly customize the template!



Other branding templates may LOOK COOL but don’t help you get clear about your brand. The toolkit helps you to make branding decisions (and look cool)!



Included with your Brand Guide Template is a completed guide so you can see a real-world business example. Use it as inspiration and then make yours unique to you!

When you’re through, you’ll feel confident knowing what to say and how to say it to attract the right people to your business.

Conveniently formatted as a US Letter-Size document so you can download your Brand Guide as a .pdf, print it out, and share with any designers, copywriters, marketers or VAs you work with to make it simple for them to stay on-brand at all times.

Need help making decisions about your brand? Unsure where to start?
The Brand with Confidence Toolkit has you covered!

You also get a bundle of branding tools & guides ($90 value) that’ll help you create your Brand Guide, simplify your branding process, and get all your branding questions answered!

Know your customers so well they’ll think you can read their minds!

17-page interactive workbook
Get clear about your ideal customer, what motivates them to buy from you & get insights you need to reach them.



Create the know, like, & trust factor by giving your brand personality!

8-page personality workbook
iscover your brand personality dimension, famous examples & humanize your message and visuals. 

Create your core brand messaging statements

12-page guide to brand messaging
Learn how to create your core brand philosophy and message statements with instructions, examples, & formulas. 


What you need to know to create a professional and versatile Logo

16-page guide to a great logo
Learn what goes into an effective, versatile, & functional logo for a great symbol for your brand.


Everything you need to know to choose & use brand colors

29-page brand color guide
Learn how to choose your brand colors and follow our fool-proof recipe for creating the perfect palette.



Choose the perfect fonts to express your brand personality

83-page brand fonts swipe file
Quickly find the perfect Google font combination. 75 in total, categorized by brand personality dimension.




Get our BRAND BOARD TEMPLATE for a quick branding reference and to promote your branding project!

Hey there!

We’re Taughnee and Sandra – an award-winning designer and brand strategist duo who help entrepreneurs build strong online brands.

Our biggest lessons learned have come from branding our own businesses. As creative people, being CLEAR and CONSISTENT is always a huge challenge.

(Branding your own business ain’t no child’s play!) 

It wasn’t until we created our own brand guide that we could see the gaps in our strategy. That’s why we’re psyched to share these branding templates and tools with you … so you can BRAND WITH CONFIDENCE.   

As featured in…

Non designers who are doing their own branding

The templates are easy to use and require no graphic design experience!

Even if graphic design “isn’t your thing,” you’ll be amazed at what you can do with Canva and your brand guide template ~ without breaking the bank or taking weeks and months to create your brand identity. 

Designers who want to add value without all the extra hours

Add massive value and WOW your clients… even if they’re on a shoestring budget! The templates make it EASY and FAST for you to produce branding guidelines so you can STAND OUT from other designers.

PLUS! Included is a Brand Board template you can use to promote your work on Pinterest, your website, and social media.  

Rookie designers who want to learn more about branding

If you’re offering branding services to your clients but have a lot of questions about the strategic or technical aspects, you’ll find answers in the toolkit guides!

Inside, we share the best practices, tips and formulas that’ll help you feel more confident offering these services, and the templates are great for designers at any level.

Ready to feel psyched about your brand?

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

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