Biz-in-a-Box Design Templates

Done for you graphic templates to build your visual and online empire…fast.

Ever wonder how fast your biz would grow if you could create stunning graphics…in less time than it takes to brush your teeth?

What if you could create eye-guzzling pins and images in minutes instead of hours? If you could create an ebook in less than an hour? If creating ANY graphic for your biz was as easy as 1, 2, 3…

Guess what? Now it can be!

Creating graphics can be sooo stressful…

You're overwhelmed and confused by all the choices. Deciding what fonts to pair, which colors to use and how to arrange everything just right makes your brain feel woozy.

Struggling to find time to create graphics. Creating graphics are time-consuming. Even the thought of doing them is exhausting, so you keep back-burning them.

Fed up with how long it takes. Creating even a SINGLE pin or social media image is a day-long event. And if people don’t click on it, you have to start all over from scratch, *ugh. 

Falling behind on your blogging. You have a huge backlog of blog posts ready to publish but don't want to tackle the whole *graphics* thing.

You've got a million ideas and no time. You know exactly what lead magnets, content upgrades, and digital products to create, you just can't put them together fast enough to make more sales.

Does any of that sound familiar?

Luckily, there’s an easy, fast way to create graphics!

Introducing Biz-in-a-Box Design Templates 

Biz in a Box Design Template by ConversionMinded

Over 200 custom Canva templates for blogging, social media, list building, branding, and product creation.

These include my top-performing designs for pins, Instagram posts, freebies and opt-in graphics (plus so much more!) that stand out above the others and grab people's attention.

Easily turn plain text into stunning visuals…in minutes!


ConversionMinded design templates | blog post | before state


ConversionMinded design template | after state | blog post


ConversionMinded design templates | ebook| before state


ConversionMinded design templates | ebook | after state

Here’s what’s inside Biz-in-a-Box:

Facebook templates

  • 5 blog post images
  • 14 promotions
  • 20 share images
  • 2 Facebook group cover photos
  • 5 Facebook page cover photos
  • 4 Facebook live streams
  • 7 Facebook daily prompts

Instagram templates

  • 6 Instagram blog post images
  • 7 Instagram promotions
  • 20 Instagram share images
  • 13 Instagram stories

Pinterest templates

  • 12 Pinterest board covers
  • 20 Pinterest pins
  • 3 Pinterest infographic pins

Twitter templates

  • 5 Twitter blog post images
  • 14 Twitter promotion images
  • 7 Twitter header images

List building + product templates

  • Over 20 blog post opt-in graphics
  • 5 sidebar opt-in graphics
  • 3 Ebook templates (each with 3 covers + 9 inside pgs)
  • 7 additional Ebook covers
  • 12 Worksheets pages
  • 10 Checklist pages
  • 5-Page Checklist

Branding templates

  • Over 25 Logos and logo variations
  • 10 Color palettes
  • 94+ Font and font pairing ideas
  • A brand board
  • 6 media kits
  • Brand elements

Plus, step-by-step video tutorials, design tips and Canva shortcuts.

Wondering how to organize your designs and projects? How to create custom templates? Or want to know if it's okay to use the same image for Facebook and Twitter? 

I'll show you how and when to use each template, tips for working faster in Canva, and small tweaks that will have BIG impact on your designs. 🙂

Are you totally new to Canva?
No worries!

There’s a beginner’s tutorial so you’ll be creating graphics like a pro in no time. 🙂

Imagine this…

You tweak a blog post template and add it to your post.


Tweak a checklist template plus opt-in graphic and add them to your post.


Tweak an ebook template and save it as a tripwire.

WHOA, You just went from blog post, to lead magnet, to profitable product.

And it was easy and fun to do…

Sandra Clayton, ConversionMinded

Hey there!

I'm Sandra, a serial entrepreneur who loves teaching creatives, bloggers, and entrepreneurs how to build an online business that ignites your inner genius. Over and over, I've seen the impact that stunning graphics and visuals can have on your business. My mission is to help you speed up the content creation process, and to share everything I've learned about building a successful online business so that you can do the same.

Start feeling confident that you're creating awesome designs.

(ones that will amplify your profits and accelerate your growth)

Publish posts easily and effortlessly, create content in less time, and know that  your designs are cohesive and harmonious everywhere.

Most importantly, have fun with graphics…
Just add your info to the templates and publish!

Create lead magnets, opt-ins and digital products on the fly

create multiple posts for your blog and social media

Create 3-4 pins per post and skyrocket your Pinterest traffic

Have questions?
I've got answers for you!

How long do I have access to the templates?

They're yours forever! You get lifetime access to all of them.

How do I use the templates?

Easy! After you enroll in Biz-in-a-Box, I'll give you a link to download the templates. Plus, I'll show you how to start using them and how to create your first design project.  

Are stock photos, graphics, and icons included?

Most of the templates inside Biz-in-a-Box use Canva photos and icons. Some photos are free and others are premium (premium photos have a watermark). You can replace any image with a photo from your own library, another Canva image, or a stock photo that you purchase separately and upload. Some of the templates include custom graphics designed by me. You can use those for free. 🙂

Do I need to have a premium Canva account?

Nope. You can use the templates and save images with a free account the same as you would with a premium account. However, there are time-saving features that are only available with Canva for Work (CW), so you may find that upgrading will help you design faster and easier. Also, you'll save money on premium photos with CW. They'll only cost you $1 vs $10 with free. 

Where can I find other sources of stock photos?

I've got you covered here! There's a comprehensive list of free and stock photo sites inside Biz-in-a-Box. Some of my favorites are Unsplash, Pixabay, and Picjumbo for free images; and Creative Market and Fotolia for premium images. And if you're at all confused about using free images commercially (CC0, CC1, etc), just follow the licensing guidelines inside. 

Can I use these templates in Photoshop?

The templates are made in Canva, so you'll need to have a Canva account to use them. Having said that, if you prefer designing in Photoshop you can definitely use the templates as a visual reference.

How easy is it for a newbie to edit the templates?

Canva is one of the easiest design tools to learn, so it shouldn't take you much time to start editing like a pro. I've included a beginner's tutorial to help you get up to speed. Plus, each template comes with its own video where I share bonus strategies, hacks, and tips to help you master Canva – and design – quickly.

Can someone else on my team use the templates?

Absolutely! If you work with a virtual assistant or anyone else on your team, they can edit the templates as easily as you can.

How do I tackle things like colors and fonts?

I've had students tell me they're *creatively challenged* when it comes to design, so I get it! There are two resources in Biz-in-a-Box to help you out: The Font Inspiration Toolkit and The Epic Color Scheme Kit. You'll discover over 94 fonts and font pairings, 10 high-impact color schemes, plus learn easy ways to make your images stand out and get noticed. (If you upgrade to CW, you'll be able to keep your brand elements handy for all your designs.)

Can I use the templates to create logos and digital products?

Definitely. You can use the templates to create any graphic or digital asset you need to grow your biz, including things like logos and digital products. In fact, I recommend using Canva for all things *graphic* because the more you use it, the faster you'll likely grow. The only thing you can't do with the templates is to resell them – or the designs you create using them. What that means is, your creations are free for you to use personally and commercially. You just can't resell the designs or templates to anyone. 

Get access to 200+ design templates

And start creating amazing graphics…

Biz in a Box Design Template by ConversionMinded

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