Facebook Group Cover Photo Size for 2018

Facebook Group Cover Photo Size for 2018

Facebook Groups Cover Photo Size | facebook groups, facebook group tips, facebook cover photos #facebook #blogHey there, friends! Starting a Facebook group has been on my bucket list for a looong time now, and 2018 is the year. I’m doin’ it!

So I’ve been busy behind the scenes prepping all my images, prompts, rules, descriptions, and so on. Everything’s been looking pretty spanky so far, so when I visited the group page the other night, my jaw nearly dropped to the floor when I saw the cover photo: It looked like a bad crop job, like I had stuffed my oversized image into a space half the size.

Say whaa? Did I get those dimensions wrong?

Nope. Wasn’t me. It was perfect the other day, just like I thought.

It was Facebook.

They changed things up again, you guys. If your group cover photo looks distorted and wonky like mine, don’t freak! I’m going to give the new dimensions so you can fix it.

Before I do, how about a shameless plug for my Facebook group? Seriously, I would love your support. You’ll be able to network with other entrepreneurs and bloggers and have unlimited opportunities to sell your products or services. Plus, every Thursday is #Thanksalatte, where I’ll be answering your questions about online marketing and sharing my best tips for growing your blog business. Promise I’ll make it worth it. 😉

Facebook’s New Group Cover Photo Size

According to Facebook, the new dimensions are 1,640 x 856px.

After some experimenting, I’m going with Louise M.’s recommendation of 1,640 x 921px because it gives you the maximum real estate on desktop and mobile.

If you’re curious, the extra vertical space is to leave room for your group name, which Facebook overlays onto your image on mobile.

In fact, you’ll need to leave a LOT of space on the bottom. How much? Minimum 250px, I’d say. And if your title breaks onto two lines like mine, you’ll want to leave an additional 150px on the bottom, for a total of 400px.

One line: 250px
Two lines: 400px

Here’s what my cover photo looks like on my iPhone 6S:

Facebook cover photo size mobile | Fall 2017

That text overlay on mobile is tricky. I created many different versions and decided to leave it with the text overlapping my image a bit. It was either that or pull my hair out, hehe.

Here’s what it looks like on desktop:

Facebook group cover photo size desktop - Fall 2017

You have less vertical space on desktop than on mobile. And the top 100px is invisible (aka: cut off), so be sure to leave it blank so that your title and image don’t get cut off. You can reposition the photo, but without leaving space at the top, I couldn’t move my image down – only up. Just sayin’.

This is the cover photo I uploaded:

Facebook group cover photo template

Notice how the text on desktop appears higher than the original photo? That’s the extra space I mentioned. I can never get cover photos 100% where I want them! If you have other template ideas, I’d love to hear. Please let me know…

If you’d like, you can download the Photoshop template I created (no email required). To edit the template:

  • Use the top overlay layer as a guide.
  • Replace the image placeholder and group name with your text and images.
  • Click the eye icon to the left of the guide layer to hide it before you save.
  • Save twice: once as a master PSD file, then again as a png to upload.

Click the image below to download the template:

Facebook group cover photo template

I recommend keeping the guide layer so you can go back and reposition your graphics and text as needed. If you’re like me, you will test many different options before you settle on one that works for both mobile and desktop.

#Thanksalatte Thursday, anyone? I would love for you to join my Facebook group!


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