The Build My Brand Toolkit

It’s time to create a brand that makes you smile!

Grab the Love My Brand Tool Kit!

This 44-page kit is so much more than worksheets, prompts and theory. It’s a complete brand identity system with templates, done-for-you graphics, spreadsheets, downloadablefiles you can use to create your own brand elements that are infused with your personality and passions! Whether you already have a brand identity and want to make it stand out even more, or you don’t know what the heck a brand is or why you even need one, this kit will help you launch your brand like a pro and effortlessly attract your dream customers FAST!

Here’s what’s inside the brand tool kit:

This is a complete system for building a brand identity that stands out and gets noticed! With the kit, you can launch like a pro because all your brand elements will be ready to go! Part 1 includes pre-planning and overview; part 2 is where you pull it all together into a branding system.

Section 1: Pre-planning
  • Section 1 :: Brand Overview

    First, let’s celebrate everything you’ve achieved with your brand so far and get a high-level view of your vision!

  • Section 2 :: Audience + Message

    Get laser-focused on who you’re trying to reach. Create web content that speaks to how your audience feels and how only you can help.

  • Section 3 :: Brand Personality

    Get a bird’s eye view of your brand personality, how you want people to perceive you, and the colors, fonts and types of images you will use.

  • Section 4 :: Brand Identity Checklist

    A complete checklist of all the things you need for a strong online brand, plus a spreadsheet to keep track of what you have/need/love!/don’t need yet.

  • Section 5 :: Blogging + Social Media

    Turn your blog posts into a content funnel where complete strangers become loyal readers. Decide how and where you will promote your blog.

Section 2: Execution Kit
  • Section 1 :: Logo Kit

    10 done-for-you logo kit templates for logos, favicons, submarks, and pin-it buttons – plus more shapes and text combinations to get creative with.

  • Section 2 :: Fonts + Font Pairings

    Retro, vintage, modern, handwritten and script fonts, free for personal and commercial use, packaged as a zip file that you can easily download and use.

  • Section 3 :: Color Schemes

    15 color scheme templates designed to give each of your brand colors its own job to do (like make people click!)

  • Section 4 :: Style Guide Template

    Document your brand elements in a PSD template so that all of your brand elements are consistent and harmonious.

  • Section 5 :: Social Media Templates

    Templates for Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest (in PSD and Canva), plus a 10-pack image bundle to kick off your social media sharing!

The Build My Brand Toolkit Pieces - Spreadsheets, fonts, colors, done-for-you-logos, style sheet template, socialmedia images and more!

Attract the Right People…

Understand what you need in order to build an epic brand (or make your current brand even more awesome), and create web content that lets your perfect customers know they’re in the right place!

Ready-To-Launch Templates…

No wasting time trying to figure out what to share on Instagram or re-branding every 3 months! Prepare all of your brand elements ahead of time, so all you have to do is publish and smile!

“Love My Brand was a total jumpstart for my business – The whole branding process was so much fun and easier than I thought!”

-Lulu Hazle

If you feel like:

  • Having a brand that is 100% authentically YOU will be a complete game-changer for your business
  • You’re ready to create your brand the way you really see it, and not hold back anymore
  • You want to get clear on exactly what a brand is, and what goes into making it epic
  • Having all your elements designed ahead of time and ready to go will save you oodles of time
  • It’s time to build a brand that attracts the right customers, once and for all
  • You’re ready to stand out and get visible, baby!

The Love My Brand Tool Kit will help you build a brand that makes you smile!

Build My Brand Toolkit - what's inside
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Sandra Clayton is a serial entrepreneur and digital strategist who loves teaching creatives, bloggers and entrepreneurs how to build an online business that ignites your inner genius. She grew up in a family business and as a young girl realized the freedom and thrill of owning her own business. Since then, she has never looked back. When she’s not off re-writing old songs, she’s banging away at her blog, sharing everything she’s learned about building a successful online business, so that you can do the same.


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