The Epic Blog Business Plan Workbook to help you turn your blog into a business fast!

Ready to turn your blog into a profitable full-time business?

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This 45-page workbook is the result of everything I’ve learned from launching over 7 businesses (including what it takes to turn your vision into a sustainable, profitable online biz and blog). Whether you already have a blog but haven’t seen the growth you’ve been hoping for, or you’re just getting into blogging, this workbook will help you create a roadmap of your future business, so you can start earning a full-time living from your blog FAST!

Here’s what you’ll cover

This workbook is more than your average business plan. The checklists, questions, and prompts will help you address each area of your blog business (vision, audience, traffic, money) so you know exactly what you need to do to achieve them!

  • Section 1 :: Business Summary

    Take a snapshot of your business right now, your mission and your goals. If you’re new to blogging, this is the perfect place to start!

  • Section 2 :: Brand Summary

    Teach your audience how you want to be seen, so that you build consistency and clarity around your blog.

  • Section 3 :: Brand Identity

    Decide which colors, fonts and images use will use for your blog to attract the right audience.

  • Section 4 :: Competitor Analysis

    Research other blogs and their strategy to get ideas about how you can grow your blog.

  • Section 5 :: Niche Research

    Find the sweet spot – where your skills and knowledge intersects with what your audience needs in a way that makes you stand out.

  • Section 6 :: Services + Products

    Create a plan for how you will monetize your blog now, so you can turn it into an epic online business as quickly as possible.

  • Section 7 :: Building Your Audience

    Create a strategy to build your audience and your relationships with your readers through your website, social media, and email list.

  • Section 8 :: Content Strategy

    Plan your content as a sales system that turns complete strangers into loyal readers and excited customers.

  • Section 9 :: Marketing + Growth

    Make a plan for launching and growing your blog. Decide how you will market it, how you will promote your posts, and which marketing tasks you should outsource from day 1.

Why do I even need a business plan for my blog?

Great question! The reason is because almost ALL profitable businesses have a business plan, and you want to be profitable too.

Most people spend a lot of time on their blog, but don’t actually make money from it. If you’re serious about turning your blog into a biz, you want to approach it like a profitable business from Day #1 (or day #270, or wherever you’re at 🙂 Before I wrote a business plan, I was blogging regularly for about 2 years and my blog traffic was absolute crickets. When I finally whipped my b-plan into gear, my traffic grew more than 10x in 3 months!! Holy moly.

The point is that the sooner you sit your butt down to create a detailed business plan, the sooner you’re going to build an epic online business from your blog!

A Platform For Success…

The difference between having an epic business and a total bust comes down to a business plan. My most successful business (which I sold for $6+ mil) started with a business plan. My biggest flop started and ended with, well, scratchy notes and stickies.

Female entrepreneur working on her blog business plan

The Roadmap to Your Dreams…

When you treat your website like a business from day one, it will become one! A business plan gives you a clear vision and the exact steps to take in your blog so that you can accomplish your goals.

“Your workbook helped me more than you will ever know! I more than enjoyed it. I figured out so much about my business and wish I had started with this years ago instead of taking so many wrong turns.

You made me take a second look at my business. Now I understand that I was completely out of touch with my audience. I can finally get back on track and sell my products. Thank you, thank you!”

-Melissa Bell

If you feel like:

  • You need help getting crystal clear on your blog’s niche and focus
  • It’s time to make sense of all of your ideas and finally pick a direction for your blog
  • You really want to create a blog and just need the clarity and confidence to start making your dreams happen
  • You’ve been blogging for a while but are just not seeing the growth you need to turn it into a business
  • You want to get a snapshot of everything that goes into running a profitable blog business
  • You’re ready to nail down your ideas and make your business a reality, f’real!
  • You’re planning your blog and want one place where you can nail down your strategy and start achieving your goals one by one
  • It’s time to shift directions with your blog and discover your true passion and calling

The Blog Business Plan will guide you through each step of building your dream blog business!

The Blog Business Plan Workbook will help you turn your blog into a full-time business!
Sandra Clayton - Online Marketing Strategist

About the Author

Sandra Clayton is a serial entrepreneur and digital strategist who loves teaching creatives, bloggers and entrepreneurs how to build an online business that ignites your inner genius. She grew up in a family business and as a young girl realized the freedom and thrill of owning her own business. Since then, she has never looked back. When she’s not off re-writing old songs, she’s banging away at her blog, sharing everything she’s learned about building a successful online business, so that you can do the same.

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The Epic Blog Business Plan Workbook to help you turn your blog into a business fast!

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